Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Bassist Updates

The CD Release show ended up being rather amazing, but nothing happened afterward. It's not a surprise considering that I didn't plan anything afterward. In a way, it's an affirmation that I have a lot of weight on my shoulders to carry. I can either take it by trying to guilt my friends into pushing this forward with me, or I can push forward, serving as an example to get things done.

I decided that I'm tired of playing the victim.

That's why I started signing us up for festivals and applying for shows out of town in January. Nothing has come of it yet, but I did take the week off from my real job to attend the SXSW 2011 festival. I'm writing this on the last day of the fest - Friday, March 18.

I'm sitting in a Starbucks sipping an Iced Cafe Mocha wondering why I haven't stepped into this world of SXSW before. I've seen amazing 8-bit music, crazy dub step, insane metal and rock, and HUGE stages built into parking lots where buildings were a week before. They don't mess around. This is a terrific collection of personalities and talent that I haven't ever seen before.

People are speaking what appears to be Russian next to me - I saw a dude from China skateboard down the side of I-35 to cross the traffic laden 6th street. There was a half-pipe on 4th. I had someone thrown into me, then they writhed on the ground in an intense fervor while screaming - photographers ate that up.

This is a place you can act like you've got no responsibilities, and everyone will think you're a genius. This is my kind of world., A couple of days ago, I got in touch with the right person regarding our performance in an upcoming festival. See, SXSW isn't the only festival in Austin around this time. There are tens if not hundreds of smaller festivals that spawn from SXSW. From anti-SXSW to independent music situations to non-SXSW bars taking advantage of the visitors from all over the world that descend on this great city.

I can't believe that I was so cynical before. It makes so much sense why it wasn't working before - I was trying to neglect and work against the current. Turns out, if you can't beat them, joining them really is the best solution. How else are you going to learn to overcome if you can't become?

A conversation that I had JUST NOW with this fella next to me (yes, there are people who have polite conversations with random people) confirmed that Austinites methodically hate SXSW. I can understand. The people who come in town don't tip. They trash bus stops. They sneer at locals and take massive number twos at bus stops.

Well, that's what I thought too; there are bad apples in every bunch. Realistically speaking, the people who come into Austin for SXSW are generally the insane looking for a getaway - and they respect Austin. SXSW uses them, spits them out, and they leave here either really upset or satisfied. Eh, different perspectives provide different levels of cynicism.

Regarding the band, the guys are excited because I was able to secure an outside stage. A NICE outside stage in the middle of the day. The lady who booked us has since been let go, and I'm trying to confirm the show without being a douche - that's going to be accomplished by attending a show today and checking the schedule for tomorrow. If we're on, that's awesome. If we're not - I'll have to see what else I can pull out of my pocket to secure something similar. I wish that I didn't get them excited about something that may not happen. I couldn't help it - she confirmed the show, then the next email said that she's done. Regardless, I'll find out what it's like to confirm a show for an organization with someone on their way out of the organization. It's enough to make your head spin.

Patience will be my best friend this weekend...

How else are you going to learn to overcome if you can't become?

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