Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Unforeseen Tragedy

Have you ever thought you really knew someone and then something completely changed your mind? I think we all have. I believe we all are judgmental from one degree to another. First of all, unless your initials are J.C. (GOD), you aren't perfect. Beyond that, everyone is bearing a cross or two.

Ever heard that saying "be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some sort of battle"? I once knew a fellow and his wife pretty well. The fellow, I knew very well. The wife I had met on several occasions and spent plenty of time with. I've always considered myself a good judge of character and I had her pegged as well suited for my esteemed friend. I was glad to see that he had found the one for him. They went on to start successful careers, buy a nice house in the suburbs, and have a couple of beautiful kids. Things were moving along just as I expected. Everytime I got an update on my buddy he was happy, healthy, successful and climbing life's proverbial ladder.
Years went by and while I talked to him infrequently, we had common friends that kept us updated on each other's "status" - to get a Facebook reference in there. It was always the same. You know "Patrick", he's always doing well.

Then, out of the blue I got a call on my cell at night from a mutual very good friend of ours. What he had to say absolutely floored me. It began with what was described to me as completely unsubstantiated allegations made by my friend's wife that he was cheating on her. This, combined with other strange behavior, including crazy accusations against my friend on the phone told me all I needed to know.

SHE had lost it. It flipped the switch from glad to mad. She sought a divorce and pursued full custody of the kids. There were threats of taking the kids and going on the run. Are you kidding me I thought? I had to sit down and just take it all in.
I just knew my buddy would not cheat on his wife. That's just "not how he rolled". He's a good guy. I wanted to help my friend who had been blindsided by all this, but knew there was not much I could do other than say I was here if he needed someone to talk to. He was not one to reach out for help, but I KNEW he would work his way through this.

My pal is someone who always appears happy. He's witty, intelligent, and a happy go lucky sort. Throughout our long history of being friends, he seemed to have it all. He was good with the girls, had lots of good friends, and was highly intelligent. He married an attractive woman, had beautiful kids, and had recently bought a nice brand new home in the suburbs.

Now THIS had happened. In a good way, I thought of him as "The Teflon Don". Nobody is immune from life's curveballs.
Just so you know, my friend has bounced back well. Just as I would have expected, he's come back with flying colors. You just can't keep a good man down.

you just can't keep a good man down

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