Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Finale... A Tribe Called Tres

It ends here...This has been cathartic for me...Hopefully, you will have taken something away form this, too...

This last piece was from my flight back to NYC, hovering over LaGuardia at 35,000 feet in a holding pattern to land...  Looking out of my window, it seemed like 
the sun was floating on the clouds, like we were, settling into its evening mode, playin' its position in the night sky...The result of this view?

If I could Dance on Clouds...
If I could Control Crowds...
If I could Make all 
the Best Songs,
If I could Right all of My Wrongs...
If I could Revive 
the Dead...
If I could simply Clear My Head...
If I could add about $999,999 to my dollar
If I could whisper instead of "holla"
If I could be Understood as well as I Understand
If I could Grab 
the Fortune, eff being The Man!
If I could commit My Love to just One
If I could just make Life fun
If I could escape all Stereotype
If I could give You Substance instead of Hype
If I could ease your Pain
If I could Retaliate instead of Refrain
If I could Pave a path of Gold for Cameron, My Diamond
If I could Rap, I guess I'd be Rhymin'
If I could just Make a Difference & do some Good,
If I Could...
My son is all I have..He is my reason for breathing...My resurrection...A new & better me..No, WAIT! A once & forever great Him...  I just hope I have poured enough cement for a proper foundation for him... he is building his home in Life right now... I know it will stand...

As per us-u-al, you know 
the deal...

i know it will stand

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